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        About Us




        Address:33 Leshan Road, Longhu District, Shantou City


        Company Profile

        Shantou Hongyun Clothing Co., Ltd. is a clothing company specializing in the design and production of all kinds of uniforms. It is a 20-year brand dedicated to the design of group uniforms for middle and high-end suits, hotels, hotels, schools, companies, factories, and various enterprises and institutions. Production, etc. Our company has a complete set of advanced clothing equipment, a team formed by professional designers and technicians, a modern management model, adhering to the spiritual concept of "creating high-quality goods and continuous innovation", and continuously strengthening the brand connotation and upgrading with the help of new technology and new design. The product itself and the corporate image of the customer. Taking respect of customer needs as the starting point, we have realized the business policy of "various styles, high quality, affordable price, fast speed, and considerate service". The designed clothing styles are elegant and unique, with unique characteristics.

        For many years, we have been committed to the diligent pursuit of product quality and service. Based on the business philosophy of integrity, mutual benefit and win-win, we have established good cooperative relations with many enterprises. Some partners such as: Shantou Administration Center, Shantou Water Supply Company, Shantou University, Yihua Group, Shantou Passenger Transport Center, Guanghua Technology, Xilong Science, Pamper Puzzle, Aofei Animation, China Railway Group 12th and 13th Bureau , Guoxin Steel, Taidu Steel, Guangdong Tianji Electric, Guangdong Mitsubishi, Fujian Xiamen Yinlu Group, Guangdong Yashili Group, Guangdong Aurican, Thailand Xiangfa Fishing Tackle, McDonald’s International Chain, Guangdong Caifeng Logistics Xinyi Logistics. Siji Logistics, Guangdong Wanshida Stainless Steel, Guangdong Ultrasonic Electric, Guangdong Dongfang Zirconium Industry, Guangdong Xuejie Daily Chemical, Guangdong Xia Daifang, Tianjin Kaitaoqi, etc..., and have won unanimous praise from customers.

        The company gathers the latest information of the apparel industry, keeps up with the needs of the uniform market, and develops a series of highly creative and high-quality products. It has established a good corporate image in the country, and our dedicated service is even more outstanding among the peers.

        Company Qualification


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